Our surveys provide the foundations upon which designs are based.

Site Surveys

Flowcheck specialise in performing hydraulic site surveys within the water industry. The site surveys we perform cover a multitude of applications but normally require the installation of temporary survey instrumentation e.g. pressure, flow and level, to determine exactly what is happening within a hydraulic system. The site surveys also often necessitate the use of data loggers to record process variables over periods of weeks or months.

By monitoring process variables at key locations within a treatment process we can:

  • Reveal flow distributions within treatment processes, see Flow surveys below
  • Determine head losses within gravity fed systems
  • Locate blockages in rising mains
  • Identify problems within process control systems
  • Diagnose and locate problems in pumped and gravity fed systems
  • Capture specific events e.g. storm conditions

Before a works or process is modified it is important to know exactly how it functions. Our site surveys involve taking accurate measurements of all the relevant process variables so that new designs can be based on the known hydraulic performance of the existing plant.
When a project is completed our site surveys can confirm that the new plant and equipment is performing correctly and that contractual obligations have been fulfilled.

"Our site surveys provide the foundations upon which designs are based."

Data loggers

Many of our site surveys incorporate the use of data loggers. Data loggers are simple yet versatile devices that enable a range of plant variables to be recorded at any instant in time. The data loggers can be used to record analogue values and they can be configured to capture status signals e.g. to indicate when a pump is running or stopped. The data loggers can record at the same synchronised time interval or they can be programmed to capture specific events and log only during predefined times e.g. storm conditions.

All the data captured on the data loggers can be presented in Microsoft Excel format. This enables the measured variables to be viewed on a single spreadsheet and sections of specific interest can then be manipulated as required.
If there is a requirement to measure pressure surges in pipelines, these can be captured using our high speed data loggers.

Flow surveys

Our business revolves around flow surveys and flow measurement. Flowcheck is an accredited MCERTS inspection company and all our flow survey work is performed to the highest standards. Our Engineers will install temporary open channel and closed pipe flow meters in treatment works and pumping stations to determine the exact flow distribution within the hydraulic system.

Typical applications for flow surveys include:

  • Balancing treatment processes
  • Locating problems in hydraulic systems
  • Determining the loads passing forward for treatment
  • Monitoring how individual pumping stations impact on the performance of a treatment works
  • Verifying the accuracy of site flowmeters

Our reports provide clients with the peace of mind and assurance that the decisions they make are based on accurate and reliable data.

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