It is now a statutory requirement to have your flowmeters inspected by a certified MCERTS inspector if flow is a condition on your Environment Agency emissions permit.

Flow meter and MCERTS surveys

Flowcheck is an approved MCERTS inspection company. Our MCERTS inspectors are authorised to survey both open channel flow meters and closed pipe flow meter installations. The MCERTS emissions monitoring legislation requires that, if flow is a parameter stated on an Environment Agency emissions permit, it is a statutory requirement to have the flow meter installation inspected by an approved MCERTS inspector.

Our MCERTS inspectors will carry out adjustments and calibrations, as required, to optimise the performance of a flow meter installation and help enable our clients to achieve MCERTS certification.
For more information download our Guide to MCERTS

Flow meter calibrations

We perform comprehensive flow meter calibrations to ensure that the flow meter and complete flow measurement system is functioning to its best accuracy. The need for accurate flow meter calibrations is becoming increasingly important in industry due to the requirements of the MCERTS scheme and the realisation that accurate flow meters can save money.

In general, flow meters will read 'high' if there are problems with the flow measurement installation or if the flow meter has gone out of calibration. This can have serious financial implications on applications where the flow meter is used as a tariff meter i.e. as a means of charging or paying for the liquid passing through the flow meter. On these installations Flowcheck can help clients save money by ensuring that the flow meter calibration is accurate, and the flow measurement system is functioning at its best, under all operational conditions.
For more information download our Guide to flowmeter surveys

Open channel flow meter calibrations

Many of the open channel flow meter calibration calculation formulas are complex, and in practical terms, need to be performed using dedicated computer software. We have developed our own open channel flow meter calibration software which fully replicates the computations detailed in BS3680. Using our calibration software, in conjunction with the experience and specialist tools we have for setting up open channel flow meters, we can ensure that open channel flow meters are functioning to their best possible accuracy.

Closed pipe flow meter calibrations

Unlike open channel flow meters, where all the components are clearly visible, closed pipe flow meters provide few visual clues to indicate if they are reading accurately.

Many closed pipe flow meters have a proven record of good reliability and accuracy but the performance of these devices will be impaired if they have been incorrectly sized, poorly located, badly installed, or have a component malfunction. Our expertise in flow measurement enables us to identify problems within closed pipe flow meter installations. We can perform on site calibrations of closed pipe flow meters and we can determine the uncertainty within the flow meter measurements.

Flow measurement services

Flowcheck are experts in flow measurement. We provide the following services:

  • Flow surveys of treatment works – See Site surveys
  • Detailed surveys of flow meter installations
  • MCERTS certification of both open channel flow meters and closed pipe flow meters
  • Open channel flow meter calibration calculations to BS3680
  • Flow meter calibration and commissioning
  • In situ verification of closed pipe flow meters by comparison to portable ultrasonic flow meters
  • Installation and hire of temporary flow meters
  • Flow meter service contracts

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