Flowcheck are approved installers for Multitrode MultiSmart pump controllers. We specialise in sewage pumping station optimisation and are therefore able to get the best out of the MultiSmart controllers.

Multitrode MultiSmart pump controllers

Flowcheck are approved installers for Multitrode MultiSmart pump controllers. We specialise in sewage pumping station optimisation and are therefore able to get the best out of the MultiSmart controllers.

All Multitrode MultiSmart controllers installed by Flowcheck come with a five year warranty.

MultiSmart controller

What is the MultiSmart controller?

The MultiSmart controller is a complete pumping station manager that has been developed in Australia by the company Multitrode.

The MultiSmart optimises the performance of pumping stations, it uses intelligent monitoring and control functions to save energy and minimise the operating costs of a pumping station.

The MultiSmart has been developed specifically to control sewage pumping stations but its versatility enables it to be used for a wide range of pump control and monitoring applications.

In addition to the innovative control features that are exclusive to MultiSmart, the device incorporates all the indicators and controls that are normally found within a sewage pumping station e.g. operator interface panel, ammeters, hours run indicators, pump status indications etc. By eliminating the need for numerous "stand alone" items of equipment the MultiSmart controller can significantly reduce the cost of new pumping station starter and control panels. The MultiSmart can also be retro fitted to existing pumping station installations.

How does the MultiSmart work?

The MultiSmart controller works by monitoring all the parameters that impact on the performance of a pumping station e.g. well level, power supply, pump efficiency, energy tariffs etc. The MultiSmart then makes intelligent control decisions to operate the pumping station to its maximum efficiency based on the overall condition of the variables being monitored. The MultiSmart is constantly monitoring each pump and can alter the control actions in response to changes in pump efficiency or any other influencing factor.

The MultiSmart control functions can replicate all the standard actions performed by human site operators e.g. reset pumps that have tripped, implement wet well clean out procedures, record pump hours run and flow totals etc.

The MultiSmart can detect blockages in pumps and can initiate an auto reverse sequence to clear any debris from the pump impellers.

MultiSmart Controller

The MultiSmart in summary

The MultiSmart is a complete pumping station manager that is equipped with a range of features. A summary of the key features are shown below:

  • Priority to the most efficient pump
  • Pump blockage detection and auto reverse facility
  • Peak tariff avoidance
  • Wet well clean out
  • Well controlled at most efficient level for the pumps
  • Built in telemetry outstation
  • Built in data logger
  • Detect variations in power supply parameters and take averting action
  • Pump efficiency monitoring
  • Control up to six pumps
  • Automatic reset following a pump trip
  • Derived flow calculations
  • Eliminate unnecessary callouts
  • Automatic insulation testing of motor windings
  • Predictive maintenance indicators
  • Pump condition monitoring
  • Overflow event logging

How to get the most from your MultiSmart

The MultiSmart controller provides the facility to automatically operate a pumping station in the most energy efficient configuration using the minimum of human intervention.
To get the most from your MultiSmart requires:

  1. An awareness of the versatility of the MultiSmart
  2. An in depth knowledge of pumps and pumping station control

Flowcheck are approved installers for MultiSmart controllers and we specialise in pumping station management. The experience our Engineers have in pumping stations enables them to configure each MultiSmart controller to fully optimise the efficiency of a pumping station.

Each MultiSmart device that we commission is configured individually to enable the maximum volume of liquid to be delivered using the minimum amount of energy. It also comes with a five year guarantee!

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